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Consolidate print servers, minimize print-related WAN traffic and reduce administration costs -- with improved printing speed and reliability.

In traditional environments, each time you print, the entire file is sent from the desktop to a print server, and then from the print server to the printer. As a result - even if the printer is next to you - the job might be sent twice across the network.

To avoid heavy network traffic, organizations with multiple locations need to invest considerable resources in operating and maintaining a fleet of local print servers.

With Cirrato Single Server Printing, this problem goes away: all print jobs are sent directly from the client to the printer. Using tiny messages to communicate with all network clients and print resources, Cirrato assures that printing works. It is the only print management device you need, even in a global network.

In fact, our largest customer has over 100,000 clients and well over 10,000 printers all managed by a single server.

Cirrato enables printer and print server consolidation and greatly improves printer resilience. This also reduces capital equipment, administration and energy costs.

With Cirrato Single Server Printing, you can transparently manage an entire global printing fleet from a central location of your choice.